IL D.L. 17 marzo 2020, n. 18 (c.d. Decreto Cura Italia) ha introdotto, tra le altre misure, un credito di imposta per la sanificazione degli ambienti di lavoro per i soggetti esercenti attività di impresa, arte o professione, nella misura del 50% delle spese di sanificazione degli ambienti e degli strumenti di lavoro nel limite massimo di euro 20.000. Ci pregiamo illustrarvi di seguito un prospetto presunto dei costi, precisando che la nostra azienda può effettuare disinfezioni sia con dispositivi (nebulo ULV) e disinfettanti ipoclorito di sodio 0,1% certificato prsidio medico chirurgico come disposto dalla circolare ministeriale 5443 del 22/02/2020 (COVID-19) oppure se il tipo di attività non lo consente (come negozi di abbigliamento, farmacie etc), possiamo effettuare la disinfezione con apparecchiature certificate CE erogatrici di OZONO disinfettante che per il Ministero della Salute è un presidio naturale per la sterilizzazione degli ambienti con protocollo n. 24482 del 31/07/1996 e agente disinfettante e disinfestante nel trattamento dell’aria e dell’acqua (CNSA del 27/10/2010). Per qualsiasi informazioni potete scriverci a o contattare il numero 3201445217 (sito aziendale Cordiali Saluti.Related: will social security fairness act passed, carbon county, pa zoning map, wmur cherise leclerc married, garden homes for sale in vestavia hills alabama, craigslist housekeeping jobs in manhattan, olathe north baseball coaching staff, ken boyer obituary, elliott stephanopoulos college, pet skunk permit michigan, digitalb kanalet live, bird that sounds like a laughing monkey, bill walton college stats, nba head to head records 2022, uber from fort lauderdale airport to stuart florida, whixley mental hospital,Related: maddy from beauty and the geek illness, suburban propane lawsuit, appliances vernal utah, baltimore drug dealer, kibbe body types celebrities, contra costa county permit portal, kate and ruth greenfield willow, concord patch police log, how to take advantage of all inclusive resorts, if you witness a child collapse, you should, christopher mitchell death, functions of translator in computer, is carmen cusack related to john cusack, jen carfagno commercial, substack alex berenson,Related: dan haggerty children, how to take random sample from dataframe in python, how old was ricky nelson when he died, cmmg mk47 mutant, wright in paradise st george island, arthur beetson wife name, pearl white touch up paint tesla, is veronica escobar related to pablo escobar, guaranteed rate layoffs 2022, rita marie delonge, damage caps unconstitutional, raman bhardwaj weight loss, ikon office solutions pension plan phone number, natural wunderz products, how to enter public storage gate code,Related: french annexation of piedmont, top race smart robot p2 instructions, tornado victims bodies, how might beowulf have failed in his role as king by fighting the dragon, kirsten vangsness husband keith hanson, accident on 35 in lakeville, mn today, apple devops engineer interview, homes for sale in smoky hollow canyon, tx, the real jimmy early, uss emory s land fpo address, rural carrier pay increase 2022, cancellation stamp locations, st louis university nephrology department, normandy beach art tribute 2019, bill hader mother,Related: hottest female rugby player, qvc attendance policy, 1989 champion transvan, madewell lost package, texas giant death body, spiritual benefits of jute leaves, internet is an example of packet switched network, the voyage baudelaire analysis, hard bullet vr oculus quest 2, chester county, pa car accident, levi king funeral home obituaries, zengo supported countries, 98 tennessee football roster, dangerous fish in kentucky, north tyneside council property to rent,Related: homes for sale summerfields friendly village williamstown, nj, 2014 ford explorer ac blowing hot air, buffalo leather company going out of business, how many times larger is 900 than 9, hms duncan captain eleanor stack husband, gilbert regional park ramada map, steve sarkisian new wife loreal smith, coffeewood correctional center warden, culture index personality types, st thomas aquinas high school athletics, carroll newman and gary frank, great flame of anger technique, family auto sales murphy, nc, strengths and weaknesses of authoritarian personality theory, how to unenroll a school chromebook without developer mode,Related: como poner la barra diagonal en el teclado, where is mark reilly strong island, lawrence daquan day davis settlement, fashion photography workshops 2022, denise williams daughter, northants police helicopter activity, south australian emergency services medal, matrix headlights tesla model 3, motorcycle accident on 287 today, yandina showgrounds camping, raw kidney glandular benefits, used trucks for sale tomball, mac jones combine bench press, wreck on hwy 90 milton, fl, ryan stone jacob reynolds glenn lauder and mitch adams,

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